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In modern times we generally living for much longer, our retirement can stretch out before us and our clients are often “Asset rich but cash poor”.

BWM Mortgage & Protection can offer professional advise on Equity Release/Lifetime Mortgages. Simply put this is a method of releasing a portion of the value of your home without the need to provide repayment until your die.

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If you are considering accessing some of the equity in your property maybe to make home improvement or essential repairs to your home, help your children get onto the property ladder or to provide additional income or capital to enjoy your ‘golden years’ then a lifetime mortgage may be right for you.

There is a lot to consider with a Equity Release – lifetime mortgage and at BWM Mortgage & Protection we take our responsibilities very seriously, there are a number of implications, to include inheritance amongst other things. However, we always complete a full assessment of your needs and circumstances and help you understand all the options available to you when making any recommendation, prior to you making your decision.

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An elderly couple happy after talking to their equity release adviser in Bournemouth.

So, whats the plan?

BWM Mortgage & Protection can give you the freedom to really get the most our of your retirement.

We can offer professional advice on Equity Release/Lifetime Mortgages.

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BWM Mortgage & Protection’s Equity release advise is limited to Lifetime Mortgages only, we do not offer advice on Home Reversionary Plans.